Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Running Summary

I'm feeling pretty good about the last 7 weeks. Just after Halloween, I had a cold that knocked me down a peg and between a busy work schedule and a lot going on at home, it took me a week to get back on my feet.

Here are some of the highlights:
  • Long Runs with the Stroller: I found a win-win-win scenario by taking my daughter in the jogging stroller. My wife gets free time, I get my long run, and Emma gets a nice nap and the occasional dog bounding off a front porch to greet us.
  • Windshield for the Stroller: A few weeks ago, my long run plans were seriously threatened because I it was raining off and on all day. The upside was that it was warm--65 degrees. I took my chances when there was a break in the rain, put my daughter in the stroller and covered her with a raincoat. Everything was fine for about 15 minutes, then dark clouds appeared out of nowhere, the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees, and it began to pour down rain and, for a while, SLEET. I was soaked, my daughter was halfway there, and I still had to get home. I had been putting off the wind/rainshield for a Christmas gift, but nixed that idea and ordered it right away. I've already put it to good use with a run in 32 degrees with high winds and today with mid-30s and rain. The winshield plus a "Baby Bag" by LL Bean ($2.50 from a thrift store) and my daughter is tugging off her hat because she gets too warm!
  • Turkey Trot: I ran a neighborhood Turkey Trot at my parents house with the stroller and was proud to finish at 7:00 pace. I had no idea I was in that good of shape.
  • Run/Walk: After years of being intrigued by Galloways run/walk approach, but being too proud to not gut out every run, I finally gave it a try. I'll elaborate in a later post, but so far I've managed to get faster, recover sooner, and not terribly sore after my long runs.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading your upcoming run/walk post--particularly how many minutes you run followed by how many minute(s) you walk...and the net effect on your pace.

I've been studying it, and one respected expert says run/walk is OK, but NOT to do it at definite fixed clocked times with a watch, etc., but rather to do it as your body tells you to (maybe skip one here or there, go longer walking there, or just do it at water stops only, etc.)

Would you run/walk an entire marathon, or would you run/walk for 20 mi and then run only for the final 6.2? Thanks for your running blog posts!

Coachhrd said...

Good for you! I'll bet the stroller adds another dimension to the run. I never tried that when my sons were little, although I did pull them in a wagon on some short runs. Try that sometime (in nice weather, of course)!

Mr. Petes said...

I love your blog! I have been a fan for some time now and have actually just created my own running blog!

Whit said...

I really enjoyed your blog. I wanted to run in a Thanksgiving run, but my parents would not let me. I am new to your blog, but I look forward to reading your posts. I love running so this blog is perfect for me. Your blog is great and I can't wait to read more!

Tom said...

I'm a big fan of jogging with a stroller (I have a Tike Tech). I started bringing my kids along on runs very early on -- and both seemed to enjoy the "adventure" almost immediately. My secret to keeping the run fun for the kids is to occasionally make a suprise detour to the park.

XENO said...

Hello Runners,

I thought, I would mention a cross training exercise that would help runners with soar leg joints stay active.

This post is about my passion for rowing indoors after college and the Olympics.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am 36 years old, and at the "beginning" of my life long rowing career. As I look back in time, rowing at the Olympics, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to life long miles rowed. To people I meet, I tell them that I am rowing because I want to chase down my great grand children and regular rows will make this dream happen. In the same breath, I add that rowing is a sport that can be practiced until up to 300 years of age. Once I am of grandfather age, I see myself commuting in a class A RV with my wife to visit our grandchildren, for this I need to stay fit and row everyday.

"We" the rowers know of the zero impact/full body workout rowing is. In my opinion, it is the only cardiovascular sport to be practiced efficiently until advanced age. It is true, that cross country skiing and swimming are also zero "impact/full body workouts", BUT... Let's face it, for cross country skiing requires snow, ability to ski on slippery stuff, and enjoy cold temperatures. As for swimming, you need a pool, and efficient swimming technique in order to have a workout at all. In addition to the swimming option, you will get a soaked hairdo.

"The others" (pretty much the rest of the world) don't know anything about rowing, let alone, the high quality indoor rowing exercise option. As I see it, my job is to inform and educate the rest of the world to whom rowing is a foreign concept. While I write these lines, I am reminded of how many actual collegiate rowers passionately HATE rowing indoors... to them I say that sitting on a rowing machine is not that bad at all, if you have the right state of mind. From experience, I know, that if you learned to row at a boathouse with a coach, you were likely abused and mistreated :-) while being judged on your rowing ability on the ergometer. Therefore you are entitled to hate rowing indoors but keep your mind open to be rehabilitated to enjoy the sport off the water. Too often, unfortunately, the rowing machine is mainly used to compare raw endurance, which is wrongly equated to on the water boat moving ability. This last statement makes me want to scream.

So next time you climb onto the WaterRower, be mellow and find your groove. Love the ability to stretch out and smoothly move your body back and forth. Rowing is simultaneously a physical as well as a mental BREAK/workout.

Finally, my last advice is to be gentle to your body, you only have one, so don't freak out if an old friend from college is 50 seconds faster for 2K than you are. Use it as motivation to gradually get fit, OK?

Yours truely,


Bob Shawgo said...

Have you tried an anti-inflammatory cream like Myo-Med I've been using it for over a year now. It was also at the Ragnar Relay up in DC.

Sean Lloyd said...

Mr. Petes...great blog! I added you to my blogroll on the right side.

All, I'm working hard to find the time to put together my experience with run/walk so far. Hopefully a couple hours will open up over the holidays. Until then...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Herbalife Las vegas said...

7 minute pace with a stroller, awesome!!

Eric L. said...

I was looking for running blogs and came across yours. Good stuff. I started running back in August and trained for a half marathon; I then got really sick three days before the race and after 1 1/2 months of flu I'm finally over it. I'm not venturing into training for my "first" official half marathon and I want to run my first full marathon by the end of the year. I'm also dedicating myself to blogging about it so seeing your blog was inspirational. :)

Mr. Petes said...


I have been keeping up with your running blog as well. I have also added your blog to my blogroll. Get up the good....runs!!

Anonymous said...

I just found your did training go for December? 7:00 minute pace..with a stroller..way to go. I ran that same pace at our local turkey stroller though. Congrats. I enjoy your blog. I hope you keep it going.

Anonymous said...

One of the Fast Girls said...

I was happy to have found your running blog and I just wanted to let you know I am following it! I hope you update again soon! :)

Matthew and Tara said...

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Anil said...

Good to see some other "middle of the pack" runners like myself, blog about their running and track their performance.

I just started doing the exact same thing with my first half about a month ago.

happy running and blogging!

Fitness Treadmills said...

I am also running - but got sick with the new strain of the flue and was down for 2 and a half months. came back pretty weak - but getting right back into it. Look forward to updates as folks continue training.