Wednesday, June 20, 2007


After my knee dislocation and being sidelined, I discovered how much running serves a central role in providing much needed balance to my life. When I wasn't able to run, I noticed...
  • I was moody
  • I felt like tired most of the time and couldn't find any energy
  • I started drinking coffee again
  • I started eating fatty food again
  • I started drinking soda again
  • I had my first craving for chocolate in more than 5 years
  • I was always hungry
  • I couldn't think as clearly
Basically, I had symptoms of depression. This coincided with a sharp uptake in work, just when I needed to be running most. I'm surprised how much of an effect running has on me. When I run, I feel composed and confident. When I don't, everything seems to fall apart.


Gene said...

Sean, nice to see you back. Hope you can stay healthy and injury free. I'm the same way about running -- it's funny how important it becomes to us! Take care and hang in there!

Gene from Vienna

fartlegs said...

That is the horrible! Not running and being as hungry as you are when you are running. But you know what's worse? Living with someone who is injurred and not running. Not only is it hard to put up with their moodines and self pity but it makes you feel like your own running is some kind of horrible secret you can't talk about, lol. I've been there a couple times and hope to never be injurred myself!

Anonymous said...

I am the same way, without running I let things fall into disarray.

home health

Goose said...

I hear you Sean! I've been injured for several months now and am going nuts. Running is a love and becomes part of you. Good luck on the come back trail!


aprilanne said...

You said it perfectly! Although I'm not sure about chocolate cravings. I crave chocolate ALL the time--when I'm running and when I'm not running. :) Hang in there and have a great weekend. said...

Did you ever feel really jittery, too? Like you just had to get up and do something? I get that way if I ever have a lapse in the running schedule, it really throws everything off.


Eoghan said...

I found this post very interesting. Basically, I've had the corollary of this - having started training properly for the first time in 20 years, I find I automatically crave healthy food (without making a conscious decision), and feel repulsed by sweet or fatty foods.
Feels good. ^__^